Q: When did the Worldwide Printing Solutions (Worldwide) franchise group commence?

A: Worldwide commenced trading in 1995 and has since grown into one of the largest printing companies in Australia. We currently have 44 Design and Print Centres and are located in WA, SA, NSW, VIC and QLD.

Q: Who are the Owners and directors of Worldwide?

A: Worldwide is a privately owned company with a number of shareholders. The Board is made up of five Directors and a Chairman. Specific details of board members are provided in the disclosure document.

Q: What qualifications are needed and what is the background of the ideal Worldwide Franchise owner?

A: Worldwide Centres are ideal investments for astute business people, preferably with prior experience in business-to-business operations.

We look for entrepreneurial individuals with initiative, integrity and persistence. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills and the ability to organise and manage the operation are vital.

A sales background is helpful, however it is essential that franchise owners be proactive in the local business community and develop the necessary selling skills to grow their business.

Q: What are the estimated entry and ongoing costs?

A: The set-up cost varies for many reasons. Costs will be reviewed and refined during the selection process and prior to concluding an agreement. The cost can vary dependent upon the size of the Centre needed to service the market area in which you wish to operate.

The prospective Franchise Owner should have the necessary financial resources or access to funds required to sustain the operation in the initial set-up stage.

We anticipate an investment to be between $150,000 and $200,000 (excluding working capital) depending on size, staffing requirements, location and equipment requirements.

An estimate of the set up costs is as follows:

Minimum Maximum
Franchise Fee $25,000 $25,000
Marketing Fee $20,000 $20,000
Training Fee $15,000 $15,000
Initial Expenses $24,000 $45,000
Centre Fit Out $20,000 $44,000
Software $31,000 $31,000
 Computers and ADSL $15,000 $20,000
Estimated Investment $150,000 $200,000

(Equipment to the value of approximately $60,000 can be leased or rented and funded through the operating expenses)

(Working capital of approx. $50,000 to $100,000 to pay expenses until the business is up and running and earning enough to be sustainable)

Full breakdown of costs are provided in the disclosure document.

Q: What are the ongoing fees?

A: A royalty fee of 6.6% and combined Marketing Levy and Information Technology Fee of 3.4% (exclusive of GST) of gross turnover. The fees are paid monthly.

There is an additional monthly IT fee of $250 (exclusive of GST) for the Centre Management System.

Q: How much money can I make from a Franchise?

A: Many factors must be considered in determining potential earnings. Some Franchises reach breakeven rapidly due to the Franchise owner or their staffs’ industry knowledge or local connections.  No warranties can be given or implied in any projections or estimates supplied by our personnel or any external agency. Prospective Franchise Owners are advised to undertake their own market study and evaluation before making any commitment.

Q: Is Training provided?

A: A comprehensive training program is provided prior to new franchisees commencing the operation of their franchise. This program includes product knowledge, sales and customer service as well as comprehensive business and team management skills plus how to use our computer systems.

In addition, the local State Support Manager works with the new Franchise Owner to ensure the initial opening period is smooth and trouble-free. Ongoing support is available through the State Support Manager, our online Operations Manual, or by phone if required.  Regular group franchise meetings, our national conference and additional training sessions provide an opportunity for continually increasing skill levels.

Q: What Marketing support is provided?

A: The Franchisor is strongly committed to promoting the brand and increasing our brand presence throughout Australia.

To do this, Worldwide receives a Marketing Levy from all Franchisees. A proportion of this levy is used to fund and operate the National Marketing Department, which provides national marketing support.

In addition to the Marketing Levy the Franchisor strongly recommends that the Franchise Owner budget to spend at least 2% of gross turnover at local level for marketing and advertising in the critical initial years of operation.

Q: What is the term of the Franchise agreement?

A: The agreement is for an initial 5 year term, with an option of renewal for a further three, 5 year terms. It is in our interest to ensure we continue our relationship with our Franchise Owners for as long as possible.

There is presently a term renewal fee payable by the Franchisee of $1,650 (inclusive of GST), plus the Franchisor’s legal expenses.

Q: What makes your organisation the preferred choice in this Franchise category?

A: Worldwide is the preferred choice in design and print services due to the adaptation of ‘cutting edge’ offset and digital print technology combined with:

  • The benefits of an exclusive central manufacturing hub, highly developed and innovative IT Infrastructure and support
  • Relatively low entry and ongoing operating expenses
  • Comprehensive training and marketing support
  • Focused management committed to assisting the Franchise Owners in their day-to-day operations
  • A focus on sustainability and profitability of all stakeholders
  • Finance package available for new Franchisees

Worldwide is a customer-focused business. We aim to assist our Franchisees to become the business-to-business champion in their territory by assisting their clients to grow through the ongoing provision of Graphic Design, Promotional Material and Marketing Advice.

Q: What is the minimum Equity / Capitalisation ratio?

A: The normal ratio is approximately 50%. This means the Franchise Owner needs to have cash equivalent to 50% of the total investment required.  The other 50% can be borrowed from financial institutions.  For example, your fixtures and fittings, photocopiers and computers may be leased or rented and paid for out of ongoing cash flow to reduce your initial capital outlay.

Q: Can I sell the Business?

A: You can sell the business at any time during the life of the agreement and renewal periods. However the business must be sold to an acceptable individual or organisation approved by the Franchisor. The potential new Franchise Owner must agree to the terms and conditions of the current Franchise Agreement.

Q: What is the Franchise Fee?

A: The Franchise Fee is currently $25,000 excluding GST. This includes our expense in investigating your market and other initial support activities whilst your operation is being set up and organised at the location.

Q: What territory do I obtain?

A: The Franchise Agreement nominates a specific site, which we determine with you prior to signing the Agreement. We also determine an area that is yours in which to market and promote the business. This territory will depend on the market information obtained. It is in both our interests to provide you with a sufficient area for future growth.

Q: I'm interested and believe I qualify. What next?

A: Complete and return the Confidentiality Undertaking. We will then contact you to arrange a meeting. All information you supply will remain confidential.

The objective of this first meeting is to:

  • Assess your suitability.
  • Confirm your level of interest.
  • Commence investigation on the potential of your proposed territory.
  • Discuss and refine your financial requirements using our past experience and financial modelling tools.

*Please note your expression of interest does not create any contract between us.